A follow-up on making Outlook meetings shorter

Shorten default meeting times in Outlook, now possible within the Outlook client for macOS.

Earlier this year I posted "Give yourself time back and make your Outlook meetings shorter"1 about using calendar options in Outlook to automatically make default meeting times shorter. Previously this feature was not a part of the Outlook client for macOS, and adjusting those settings had to be done in the Outlook WebApp (OWA).

I just noticed that this setting is now built into the Outlook client for macOS, so I thought I'd just quickly show what that looks like.

In the Outlook client for macOS (screenshots below from version 16.65) online meetings has its own section in Preferences > Calendar.

Calendar options in Outlook preferences

If you select "shorten duration for all events" you can now adjust default meeting duration without going to OWA.

Shorten meeting settings in Outlook preferences

While you're in there you can configure your settings to automatically add online meetings to your new events, which is very handy too. You'll just need to have a videoconferencing app configured in your Outlook client.

For those of us that work remotely and need a little time to grab coffee or take a bio break between meetings, this setting to shorten meetings by default is very helpful. 

  1. "Give yourself time back and make Outlook meeting shorter" (Jan 2022)

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