New stuff in the Mac Admins Foundation Store!

Buy some new merch and support the Mac Admins Foundation!

Hey y'all! It's August, my birthday is in a few days, and it's Leo season and I'm feeling it. So I spent the better part of a week giving the Mac Admins Foundation shop a zhuzhing with lots of new items, new color options, new cuts, new accessories, and a brand new non-logo design that I think a lot of people are going to love.

I broke down all the new items on the post from the Mac Admins dot org blog, so I won't repeat too much here. But I did want to share a few of my favorites from the store update.

I was really hesitant on the first launch to try the direct-to-garment printing of the gradient logo because I thought it'd be too faint and the colors would look off. However! People kept asking so I got some test prints and I was actually pleasantly surprised! Even the kiddo loves it and has worn it a few times. My suggestion here is to get the crewneck sweatshirt a size up. It is SO COZY. Get a few.

I also wanted to make sure there were non-shirt options, because some of us already have Too Many T-Shirts. I found the black and white knockout badge logo looked best on accessories so we added it to some hats, beanies, and a neoprene can holder.

And yeah, there are options for kiddos, including shirts and a cute baby onesie!

But most importantly, there's this.

Every nerdy shirt store needs an iykyk shirt, and I think we nailed this one. When you live the life of getting people macOS devices to do their jobs you probably hear this once a day, maybe more. (Thanks, Siri.) And don't worry, the MAF badge logo is on the back for those that see the shirt and don't know like you do.

To celebrate the new store options, and to thank everyone that has been ordering items to support the Mac Admins Foundation, we have a promo code available for 10% off eligible items ordered between now and August 15th, 2022. Just add code THANKS10 at checkout for a one-time discount.

We've been blown away by your support and it's really helping us do important things, like get operational stuff in place to build out our programs (the red-tape kind of stuff like liability insurance and legal fees and all the not-pretty things that are so important to have). Please spread the word and we hope you enjoy these items in the new shop!

(And yes, work attire, stickers, and zip-up hoodies are on our list of things to figure out. We promise!)


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