The Cubs are World Serious

Four more wins. See ya Tuesday.

Friendly Software Update Pestering

We all know people put off software updates forever. I mean, out of sight, out of mind, right? So… is there a good way, as an administrator, to encourage good habits of running software updates without driving users totally insane?

Maybe. Here's what I'm trying out. ymmv.

For the love of god, update your machine

So my idea was simple: if a machine has more than 0 updates available, send them a simple Notification Bubble and open the App Store to the Updates pane. You can actually use the following command to open the App Store directly to the Updates pane:

open "macappstore://showUpdatesPage"

Since it's a nice one-liner, this can be thrown in the Files and Processes tab of a policy in the JSS.

Demystifying jamfHelper

So if you're anything like me you find using jamfHelper totally… helpful, but also find using it within a script is really finicky. Enter jamfHelperByPolicy, a handy script Douglas Worley of JAMF, to make throwing up a policy notification with jamfHelper way easier.

Here's how it works.

Setting up the jamfHelperByPolicy script

2. Log into your JSS and head to the Scripts section.

3. Create a new script.

Fave Friday

Giotto's Pet Lounger by GiottoCatFurniture on Etsy.

Some details about why I love this:
Have you ever noticed that cats like circles? Cats need a sense of place when they rest, and with this beautiful, elegant and comfortable hand crafted lounger, they can.
Other than having a nice place to go, cats also love the warm feeling of wool, and our lounger cushions are 100% wool felt.

The Moon Kingdom poster on Look Human

Probably late pin by sighh

Whisker Nice Guy sweater from Modcloth

DIY Soda Bottle Kitty Planters tutorial by Salty Canary

Happy Friday from Sweden! I hope you had a fantastic week. I'm looking forward to exploring Gothenburg before I head back to the States on Sunday.


Slides from the "Design Thinking for Mac Admins" Talk at MacSysAdmin 2016

Greetings fellow Mac nerds! The slides from my talk at MacSysAdmin 2016 on "Design Thinking for Mac Admins" are now available to you all online.

I used Google Slides, so head over to this link to check them out. I forgot to put up the feedback/Q&A link as I was talking (sometimes I just get on a roll, leave me alone) so if you have any questions there are links to contact me in the slide deck.

Thanks again to Tycho for inviting me out to speak this year.

Fave Friday

Fave Friday

Since I very recently started my own bullet journal, today's Fave Friday is going to be my favorite supplies for my journal!


Leuchtturm1917 A5, dotted

I absolutely love this journal. The medium-hard cover is nice and makes sure there isn't any extra damage when you throw it in your bag, and it has two-page marker ribbons and an elastic closure loop. It also has a built-in index and pagination, which I love.


Staedtler triplus fineliner pens, set of 10.

I picked mine up at Target, but they're on Amazon too. Really nice, smooth writing with highly-pigmented color. And if used with the Leuchtturm notebooks you won't notice too much ghosting (and no bleed-through).

Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens, set of 9

I'm a sucker for Muji supplies. Great colors, smooth write, quick-drying gel, no bleedthrough and little ghosting.


Muji Stationary Set

I love this set. It's very minimal and has a great grid-style 15cm ruler, which is great for making straight lines when designing future log and weekly spreads. The ballpoint pen writes really nicely, and the mechanical pencil is nice to have for trying out doodles before committing them to page.

DPIST Scrapbooking Tape

I love this scrapbooking tape/washi tape because it's relatively thin (about .7cm) so it makes nice borders and is just adhesive enough to tape things down without taking up too much space.

I'm a bit of a bullet journal novice but I'm already seeing the benefits of having a hand-written task management system. I'll talk more about my setup and main motivations next week.

Enjoy your weekend!