An idea to get users to browse Self Service

Thursday, August 21, 2014

So I've seen quite a few complaints on JAMF Nation about the Self Service app's landing page not giving users any kind of intuitive visuals to get them to see all of the apps available in Self Service. It's kind of true; there are categories listed on the side, but what's to say that the featured apps on the main page don't just encompass those categories?

To try to encourage my users to dig around a bit more, I came up with a "policy" that might help them see the bigger picture.

I created a "policy" that is really just a dummy policy. The title says it all; "Browse Categories for More Apps." When a user clicks on that, they'll see a message:

"Make sure you browse the categories to the right to see all the apps available through the App Store!"

When they click the Got it! button, it just runs an inventory update, because why not? For them they don't really see any difference. The hope is that seeing that icon on the home page, or at the very least reading the title, will encourage them to click on the categories to see more.

Further Branding of Self Service 9.4

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

JAMF released version 9.4 this month, and that update brought some changes to the Self Service app. In particular, there are new images to tackle.

The login splash screen has changed into a more simple logo next to the username and password fields. As you can see, I've already added  my own logo. The file location:


To update it I just copied the file to my computer and played in Photoshop. I managed to pretty closely match the gradient which I'm pretty proud of.

The other image is the new "featured" banner.

The location of that banner is:


I haven't decided if I'm going to change up that banner at all… I might change the color to be a more "Volusion" blue, but I think it gets the point across (though all apps on the main page are featured so it's kind of redundant when not looking at a category page).

Also, a quick way to fix up the name of the app in the menubar:

sudo defaults write /Applications/Self\ CFBundleName "Company Self Service"
sudo chmod 744 /Applications/Self\

Obviously the paths provided are for JSS instances hosted on OS X servers. Your mileage may vary if you host using a Windows or Linux box.

Comic Pick-ups :: Week 32

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am so loving the current Captain Marvel run.

Though honestly I could do without the ghastly red Marvel NOW bar across the bottom of the issues. Seriously, Marvel, it's hideous. Just let me enjoy the great cover by David Lopez.

This comic makes me happy because they're setting up a great storyline and a lot has happened in 6 issues… unlike the current Guardians of the Galaxy run that is accomplished absolutely nothing in 18 issues. Seriously guys, you just put out a great movie, why does the comic have to suck so bad right now?

The synopsis of issue 6:

THE BATTLE ISSUE. Space! Ships! Super heroes! Captain Marvel has been caught in the middle of an interplanetary turf war for weeks. Now, it’s time for Earth’s Mightiest Hero to get her hands dirty and show the Spartax and the Haffensye what’s what.

While Star-Lord is off doing nothing, Captain Marvel is getting in his face, blowing up his spaceships, and saving a race of surprisingly likable and interesting aliens.

I'm always a fan of things getting blown up. It's even better with a badass lady hero and great art and coloring.

Also the last two panels of issue 6 warm my heart. Go get it.

Music Monday - Keep Fishin

Monday, August 18, 2014

I've been on a Weezer kick lately. Full disclosure: Make Believe is my favorite Weezer album. Yeah yeah, I know it's a later album, but it's pretty much the pinnacle of their song-writing. And Maladroit is probably #3 for me (behind the Green album) because it's got some great metal influence in it. Take Control is my favorite track on Maladroit, but it can't beat the awesome that is the video for Keep Fishin'.

It's hard to believe Maladroit came out in 2002. I feel…old.

Green Wing Click-Walk

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Have you ever gone on a click-walk? When you start on one page, then click a link, then another, then another, and forget where you started but really enjoyed where you ended up?

I just went on a pretty epic one, which ended with me experiencing a powerful urge to watch Green Wing. Yes, it's random.

So I was on Twitter and Rashida Jones was recommended as someone to follow. I don't really do the Follow Actors on Twitter thing, but I gave her a click just to see what she Tweets about.

Eh, not funny. Wait, Chris Pratt is on Twitter?

And on Facebook?!

Lemme check out his timeline.

Timeline was just pictures. Boring. Time for…IMDb! Damn, I need to see Guardians of the Galaxy again.

Peter Serafinowicz was hilarious in Guardians.

Hmmm, the name of his wife sounds vaguely familiar.




You now know what it's like to be me on an almost daily basis.

p.s. Go watch Green Wing on Hulu. Now.

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