Updated OmniGraffle Serial Number EAs

I feel like most of what I do day-to-day is finding the best way to collect inventory information from our Mac fleet. I try my best to track our serial numbers for purchased software as best as possible, but our org is a bit too small to afford volume licensing for everything we use so one-offs sometimes get lost in the shuffle, especially when a request goes directly to our purchasing folks and not through the Help Desk team (purchasing always purchases, but without additional communication sometimes keys are handed off and we don't know they exist to track at all). Spreadsheets are only as useful as the people who updated them, as the saying goes.

For a while we were using this EA from JAMF Nation for OmniGraffle 5, but found it stopped working. It was also totally irrelevant to OmniGraffle 6, which has all of their app data sandboxed. After booting up a VM and doing some test installs, as well as some help from the #jamfnation channel the MacAdmins Slack, I've got EAs created for both apps. I'm listing them here separately, but I'm pretty sure you could combine both into one EA if you wanted to do so.

Email, meet Slack. Then, meet the JSS.

via SlackHQ

Every once in a while I check the SlackHQ website to see if any fun new features have been enabled. It turns out last week Slack added an Email integration to their services list. This definitely has piqued by interest, as I'm struggling to find a good way to get alerts from the JSS. I've tried the IFTTT Email > Slack O365 recipe, but I don't like that it relies on my individual email account and that if I filter email into a folder the recipe doesn't run. I've also used Zapier, which is great, but with the amount of alerts we get the expense just doesn't make sense for a paid plan.

So enter Slack's email integration. It's super easy to set up, both in Slack and in the JSS. Here's what I've done to mitigate the need to rely on my individual email to get alerts:

Quick user test machines with VMware Fusion

With a new version of Office to deploy to the end users at my org I found myself needing to rebuild the customized Docks that go along with the imaging configurations. Back in the early days of using the Casper Suite here I would use a physical machine, image it, throw in all the software I would need, then create unique docks for each configuration. Because that's kind of an annoying process, and because disposable VMs are much better for this kind of thing, I tried to think up a way to get VMs I could spin up, create a dock, then trash to quickly make the individual docks. 

Since I already had a NetBoot server set up with AutoCasperNBI I figured I could find a way to create quick VMs of the different configurations, then have the JSS throw VMware Tools and Composer on the VM so that as soon as I log in I'm ready to build the dock and capture it with Composer. It's actually pretty simple if you have the right things in place.

  • VMware Fusion of some flavor on your machine (or workstation of choice) 
  • A NetBoot server set up and scoped to the IP range that your host machine resides on 
  • Imaging configurations of some variety in your JSS

  • Create policies in JSS to deploy VMware Tools and Composer to machines that are a VM model. Alternately, create Imaging Configurations that include those installers meant to build your user test VMs.
  • Create custom VM in VMware Fusion that boots to the network for Netboot, then build VM.
  • Once VM is created, use pre-installed Composer to build Dock (or whatever else you need to build), with VMware Tools already in place for window adjustment, drag-and-drop with host machine, etc.


(I'm getting kind of stuffy with this walkthrough, aren't I? Don't worry, I'll touch on getting your prereqs and working them into this workflow in a logical order.)

Halloween 2015!

Oh heck yeah, Halloween is approaching. My desire for Halloween season hit me like a runaway train yesterday when Charlie and I started listening to the Purple Stuff podcast, a Halloween-centric (so far, anyway) podcast by Matt from Dinosaur Dracula and Jay from Sexy Armpit.

While there's no way I can top Dino Drac's Halloween coverage, I'll definitely do my part to cover what's going on in Austin. As soon as pumpkin spice candles and dollar-aisle Halloween decorations hit Target you will know. I promise. I'll try to do some more videos and post more of the decorations we do around the apartment. We'll also try to post some reaction posts on (VBD, or vegan-by-default) Halloween treats that hit the shelves this year.

Hell yes, let's do this!

Using the new notification options in AutoPkgr to send alerts to Slack

Just when you were like "oh cool, AutoPkgr and Zapier can work together to do a thing," AutoPkgr goes like "you don't need Zapier anymore, fools."

Enter AutoPkgr 1.3, which includes webhook settings to allow instant communication with Slack and Hipchat, as well as Mac OS X Notifications. I love finding ways to not get emails, so this is really great for me and my sanity. It's also really easy to set up.

Sunday Stuff // Kid Robot Does Adventure Time

I've known for a while now (six months? maybe longer at this point) that an Adventure Time Kid Robot series was in the works. Last week at Waterloo Charlie warned me that he saw them on the shelves. So today at Guzu Gallery I ended up picking up a few.

I bought three originally and got Flame Princess, Gunter, and Lich. Then I went back for a fourth, and got Finn. I really wanted a core character in my first batch so I'm glad I went back and got him. He's great. I love how well they adapted him to the Kid Robot figure staple shape.

I think Flame Princess probably looks the silliest out of the four that I got today, if only because I wish she was more flame-shaped.

Gunter is pretty hard to screw up, a testament to the design work on Adventure Time. He actually looks like a mini version of the Pop Funko figure.

Lich is the 1/80 chase figure out of the series, so it's a pretty big deal that I got him on my first purchase. The guy at Guzu Gallery even took my picture. I tend to not really hunt down the chase figures when I do collecting, but I do love when I score them easily. He's easily one of the coolest out of the series.

Here's the group together on my giant nerd shelf (arrow marquee light from Target, since lots of people ask). Money is super tight so I actually canceled Spotify Premium and a few other services I pay for monthly so I could pick up a few of these and not feel super guilty about. Adulthood!

You better believe I'm getting more! Especially the limited 7" Lady Rainicorn and Jake and Puff Jake collectables. Birthday is coming shortly so I'm hoping birthday money is also coming! Priorities: I have them.

Fave Friday