Hands on with the Netgear Orbi

Ecobee (left) and the Netgear Orbi Router (right).

Hey y'all, you may not know this but we bought a house! And naturally leading up to buying the house I set aside a tech budget with the priorities being a smart thermostat and a good wifi system. I started by basically just asking around to see what people recommended, and the Ecobee was a clear winner in the smart thermostat category (more on that later). The wifi system, however, was a bit more contentious.

For some context, over the last 5+ years I've relied on an Airport Express to provide our wifi. It was fine for the most part. I mean I know I sacrificed some speed but I lived in small apartments and loved AirPlay. Fast forward to today, where I work in IT professionally and occasionally work from home. I need a decent connection for uploading and downloading software packages, video conference, and all that other junk.

But now I live in a two-story, 2800 sq. ft. house. It's awesome. But that poor AirPort Express didn't stand a chance. When the SuddenLink installation person showed up we were still moving in and our lunch had just been delivered. He asked me where to set up the connection and I pointed to the first connection I saw, which was downstairs on the eastern wall in the Living Room.

House floorplan with main wifi router (Airport Express) on first floor in the living room.

The first time I sat down in my office upstairs and tried to use my computer the connection dropped about every minute. It just didn't have enough power to get upstairs to my office on the western side of the house. Then I remembered I still had my old Airport Express (first gen) and could use it as an extender for the main one downstairs. So I gave it a shot.

Setting your arbitrary computer naming convention during DEP enrollment

Or rather, how I set our arbitrary computer naming convention on a machine during DEP enrollment. At my shop, we use the format $username-mac to name our Macs. I'm not sure why, or why it really matters, but for some reason some organizations get really weird and particular about computer names. Most of it comes down to not utilizing reporting tools well to do computer record/detail lookups imho. Anyway.

Here's what it does:

  • Detects location of jamf binary on the machine
  • Detects the username of the logged-in user (so this works best if you have the user create their account during DEP enrollment/setup assistant
  • Formats the computer name in the way we want it
  • Uses scutil to set computer name/hostname/local hostname
  • Sets the NetBIOS name to match
  • Is probably too thorough and then uses jamf's setComputerName to set the name as well
  • Throws in some echos for good measure

I use it in one of the enrollmentComplete policies, scoped to our DEP PreStage Enrollment machines, before a recon.

I'd be happy using, like, any computer name but, well, I do what I'm told. Hopefully the above helps some of you out too.

Pleeeeeeease test before deploying!

Fave Friday

Nintendo Game Boy Patent print

Wood grain contact paper upgrade on an IKEA Micke desk (by Happy Mundane)

Katt3 Modular Cat Climbing System (on Haus Panther shop)

Creature from the Black Lagoon tattoo (Source)

Gardner media cabinet (All Modern)

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Fave Friday

Finding shutdown causes in macOS Sierra's mind-boggling new logging

Say that 10x fast… (and try googling it…)

I won't delve into too many details here as there are a lot of great resources out there for using the new logging in Sierra, but there doesn't seem to be a place where one of my most helpful system log searches is found online.

^^^ That in Terminal.app will get you the last 24 hours worth of "Previous shutdown cause" messages from the system logs. Useful for troubleshooting.

If you need a handy list of shutdown code meanings and don't have an Apple Training Guide doc handy, this list is very helpful.

Fave Friday

Fave Friday

Nintendo Switch NES Themed Dock Sock by TinckoyMakesitSew on Etsy

Cute hexagonal wall shelves, no source

20 Stitch Table Runner crochet pattern from Sewrella

Domino phone case by Valfré

Karpe Diem: Useless Goldfish Monster Hat by Akabeko Botan on Ravelry

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