Github Integer Version EA

So while Github's version titles are cute and whatever, making software packages and scoping policies with long version title names is kind of annoying. I whipped up an EA to make scoping update policies for on Macs with the Casper Suite a bit easier.

I've also created a page on JAMFNation for tracking and the EA for reference.

Sunday Stuff // Sailor Moon & Sailor V Blind-Box Pick-ups

Okay, so I have to admit that these were not actually in the blind box. I think Guzu Gallery got one of the full-collection boxes, opened it up, and sold them individually. I'm okay with that actually, because that meant I could pick Sailor Moon and Sailor V pretty much just for Artemis and Luna.

I really love the stands for Artemis and Luna; they are complimentary crescent moons. When they are set next to each other, they look at each other and the moons line up.

You can probably tell that the paint jobs are less than stellar, but for $5 a pop I'm totally fine with it. They are still incredibly cute.

The only thing that bothers me is that I have two Sailor Senshi and one Ami out of uniform. I'm going to have to get more to balance them out. Oh darn.

Casper Netboot Imaging Desktop Background

If you were following along on JAMFNation, a post came up about desktop backgrounds. I remember stumbling upon an LCARS-style Casper Netboot desktop wallpaper that I thought was pretty awesome, so I used some Photoshop-fu to update the logo to the most recent one for Casper Imaging (suite v 9.65).

All credit goes to the original creator, who did comment that he loved it on JAMF Nation. Enjoy!

I'm working on getting some more wallpapers made to share that are higher-resolution (at least 15" Retina sized) for general use. Stay tuned for that.

Doctor Who Eaglemoss // Robot D84 & Draconian Prince

I picked up a few more Doctor Who Eaglemoss for my collection. It's only right and fair that I post them here for you to drool over.

Further reading:
Robot D84
Draconian Prince


Getting more out of a QuickAdd package

Hey y'all, just a quick little post about how you can customize a QuickAdd package to have even more impact on enrollment.

When you grab a fresh copy of a QuickAdd package from, you'll see that nestled inside is a script that runs called postflight.

You'll see that it installs the jamf binary appropriate for the OS build, then uses jamf createConf (from the help file, "Creates a configuration file that the jamf binary uses to find the JSS") to start communication between the client and your company's JSS. It then turns on SSH and enrolls the machine.

The fun part about this script is that once the machine can talk to the JSS you can scope policies on events, ID numbers of policies, and all sorts of fun stuff. Just to test this out, I added a few policies to a custom trigger and then threw those into the QuickAdd postflight script.

A closer look at the Weeping Angel Eaglemoss

As I mentioned in my #gally1 junk vlog, I managed to find another Doctor Who Eaglemoss figure that I hadn't purchased yet. It was released in the first wave of six figures, but either due to low supply or high demand (or both) I didn't get one in stores. But after asking around a bit in the Dealer's Room I found a booth that brought some with, and the Weeping Angel was one they had with them.

Of course they picked an instance of the Weeping Angel incredibly grotesque, with stretched-out arms and gnarly tongue.

I would love to have a second one with the hands cover its eyes, which is probably the creepiest stance out of all of the iconic images of the Weeping Angles. Even still, it's a great addition to the collection.

RIPT T-shirt Pick // Sex Bob-Ombs

I don't really do posts about stuff like this that often, but my love of Scott Pilgrim knows no bounds. I so just put in an order for this Sex Bob-Ombs shirt.

I love that it uses metallic ink for the logo. I bet it looks hella classy in person.

It's only available today so head over to RIPT Apparel to snag one before it disappears.

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