The Brilliance of Yarn Ideas

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I used to practically live on Ravelry, but lately I have only popped on there sparingly to look for stash-busting ideas as I force myself to use up the (copious amounts of) yarn I have at home. During my absences all sorts of fun features have been added that I just kind of stumble upon, like "Yarn Ideas."

So on a standard Ravelry entry there is a Yarn Ideas tab, where you can see what other folks used to make the project.

You may have noticed that on the main pattern details tab and the Yarn Ideas tab are links for yarn in your stash. What that means is Ravelry has looked at yarns you put in your stash in Ravelry and compared it to what yarns other crafters have used to make recommendations on what yarn you already have that might work to make a pattern.

This is a great feature; it not only encourages you to use your stash, but also encourages you to catalogue your stash so you know what you have and are more inclined to use it!

Speaking of which, I have the perfect yarn for this hat sitting in my stash…

New Glasses from Bonlook

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A few weeks ago Bonlook had a sale where involving a pair of Rx frames and sunnies for pretty much the cost of one pair. I jumped on it, naturally, as I've been on the hunt since July for new frames. I've tried two different ones from Coastal and one from Warby Parky and none of them were fitting right. I have a wide face so getting frames wide enough to be comfortable is always a challenge.

I was looking for something a bit Wayfarer, a bit square-ish, full-framed, and dark. I usually go for black frames, but tortoise shell has always seemed interesting. So I went for it.

I love them, they are so perfect. These Belgo frames are by far the best fitting frames I have ever bought. Just wide enough, and the arms aren't super long so they don't slide down my face. I still kind of wish they had the black ones in stock but sometimes change is good!

There was really only one pair of sunnies that were wide enough for my face. Fortunately they are incredibly cute and I adore them.

I was a bit torn on what color to get, but I'm happy I went with the Ibiza in Angelfish Pink. They have this touch of glam to them that I am totally digging.

If you need wider-set frames like I do, I definitely recommend checking out Bonlook. They actually put frame widths on all of their glasses, not just the arm length like most other sites. Which makes it much easier to tell what will really fit. I'm a big fan! I hope they release more truly wide (140mm+) frames in the future because I treat frames like shoes… one for every outfit.

October Photo-a-Day Challenge

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alright, I'm doing it! I'm going to participate in October Photo A Day 2014:

© Laura Blythman

I'll post weekly recaps here on Mondays, but to see them day-by-day please follow along on Instagram!

Music Monday :: Engine Down, And Done

Monday, September 29, 2014

© culturaca
Engine Down's self-titled album is required fall music listening for me. The album just oozes fall. I have no idea how or why, it just…does.

I'm guessing it's the dark tone and simple melody. The chorus is the part that really gets me, though. The whole album, though, is Fall. 100%. Great fall listening. Get into it.

2014 Halloween Target Trip 2

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yep, I went back to Target and got lots of Halloween stuff. I only regret it a little.

And there will be more, I'm very sure of that. Because I have a Halloween problem.

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