Using the new notification options in AutoPkgr to send alerts to Slack

Just when you were like "oh cool, AutoPkgr and Zapier can work together to do a thing," AutoPkgr goes like "you don't need Zapier anymore, fools."

Enter AutoPkgr 1.3, which includes webhook settings to allow instant communication with Slack and Hipchat, as well as Mac OS X Notifications. I love finding ways to not get emails, so this is really great for me and my sanity. It's also really easy to set up.

Sunday Stuff // Kid Robot Does Adventure Time

I've known for a while now (six months? maybe longer at this point) that an Adventure Time Kid Robot series was in the works. Last week at Waterloo Charlie warned me that he saw them on the shelves. So today at Guzu Gallery I ended up picking up a few.

I bought three originally and got Flame Princess, Gunter, and Lich. Then I went back for a fourth, and got Finn. I really wanted a core character in my first batch so I'm glad I went back and got him. He's great. I love how well they adapted him to the Kid Robot figure staple shape.

I think Flame Princess probably looks the silliest out of the four that I got today, if only because I wish she was more flame-shaped.

Gunter is pretty hard to screw up, a testament to the design work on Adventure Time. He actually looks like a mini version of the Pop Funko figure.

Lich is the 1/80 chase figure out of the series, so it's a pretty big deal that I got him on my first purchase. The guy at Guzu Gallery even took my picture. I tend to not really hunt down the chase figures when I do collecting, but I do love when I score them easily. He's easily one of the coolest out of the series.

Here's the group together on my giant nerd shelf (arrow marquee light from Target, since lots of people ask). Money is super tight so I actually canceled Spotify Premium and a few other services I pay for monthly so I could pick up a few of these and not feel super guilty about. Adulthood!

You better believe I'm getting more! Especially the limited 7" Lady Rainicorn and Jake and Puff Jake collectables. Birthday is coming shortly so I'm hoping birthday money is also coming! Priorities: I have them.

Fave Friday

AutoPkgr + IFTTT >> Slack

Just a quick follow-up post to this week's post on use Zapier to make AutoPkgr notifications for Slack. It's really easy to get something going in IFTTT also, if you prefer that service (or need more frequent notifications that would make paying for Zapier required).

If you have an IFTTT account, create an IFTTT for Email > Slack.

Then in AutoPkgr, configure the email notifications to appear as if they come from you, then  have them send to the IFTTT trigger email address.

Viola! Notifications.

You lose the fancy icon and customized bot name but those things are cosmetic. This works just as well and will suit your needs just fine if you want quick notifications and want to declutter your inbox.

Creating an Autopkgr + Slack Integration using Zapier

Between the MacAdmins Slack team and our current testing phase of Slack for our organization, I'm in Slack pretty much all day. One of the really really great things about Slack is how easy it is to integrate with other services. I have a private channel set up for myself in Slack called "emily-alerts" that is basically a repository of alerts from different systems I manage, blogs, Instagram, and a few others, so I feel like I'm always on top of what's going on. What's great about Slack is that all of those notifications can go into one place, so you don't have to spread your notification bandwidth across tabs or email folders or whathaveyou.

Admittedly I'm new to the AutoPkgr game. I remember trying AutoPkg back before the GUI from the Linde Group and found it a bit cumbersome for my tastes. Now with AutoPkgr and a built-in JSS uploader integration, it's pretty much the best tool any Mac Admin can have at their disposal.

While there isn't a specific AutoPkgr integration with Slack yet, you can use Zapier to build one. If you're not familiar with Zapier, think of it like an integration builder. Want to connect two services? Zapier can most likely help you with that. It's already incredibly robust, with API integrations with TONS of services. Since AutoPkgr has a built-in email notification feature, the logical starting point is an Email trigger that sends a notification to Slack in its action.

Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for Zapier (and I'm assuming you already have a Slack account at this point).
2. Make a Zapp with Email as the trigger and Slack as the action.

3. For Email select New Inbound Email, and for Slack select Send New Message.

4. The email option will be default, so click Continue.
5. Connect to your Slack account, and choose that as your account for the Zapp.
6. Create a filter for your messages. Basically, you're creating an email account that AutoPkgr will send an email to. You can name it pretty much anything you want, just make sure you remember the address so you can enter it into your AutoPkgr settings.

7. For the actual email settings, the default should work just fine. Make sure you select a destination for your notifications (I have mine set to DM me, but if you have a team that works on Mac updates it might be worth setting up a team channel or private group for these to go to), the Text of the message (mine is the Subject of the email and the Body Plain of the email, YMMV), set the name that displays when a message sends, set the Parse Mode to full, and an icon to use. I just found one online and grabbed the URL (hopefully it doesn't kill your bandwidth, @rtrouton).

8. From there you're ready to test. Send a test email to the address you created and then click the Test Email trigger button. When you get the notification, you're all set!

9. Now that the Zapp works, head over to your AutoPkgr setup and enter the email address.

You should now get a notification in Slack when AutoPkgr runs and sends an email. Fun!

This should work with a free account on Zapier, but you'll only want the Zapp to run 2-3 times a day so you don't exceed your monthly Zapps and then have to start paying. Such is how we suffer for freeness.

Thanks to @soxin4 on the macadmins Slack for the pointers.

Fave Friday

Stashbusting // Mason Jar Cozy

I've been fighting a real itch to get crafty again recently. I haven't really touched any projects—knit, crochet, cross stitch, or otherwise—since I went "head down" on the dissertation back in February. I'm finally in a position where I have a little breathing room (honestly I should still be working on it anyway) but to fend off losing my sanity I opted to crochet something. I stumbled across this cute mason jar cozy pattern on A Beautiful Mess and decided to give it a go.

I used some old Knitpicks Merino Style yarn in a bright turquoise and a 3.5mm hook. There isn't a gauge listed on the pattern but I'm guessing they either crochet incredibly loosely or those mason jars are really tiny, because this just barely squeezed onto this smaller-sized mason jar.

I modified the start of the pattern just a tad by using a magic ring rather than a ch4. I know traditional granny squares use a ch4 loop but the finish of a magic ring is just so much nicer.

I am now one step closer to covering everything I own in yarn.