Fave Friday

The absolutely cutest kitty planters of all time from Pony People!

I love these super cute crochet mandalas from Mama in a Stitch. I will definitely be making myself a few for around the house!

I can resist a drool-worthy creamy vegan mac and cheese recipe, it's my achilles heel.


SUPER LUSH kitty beds by Ohhio. I now have an idea for what to do with the roving I don't want to spin up!

Happy Friday!

Get your material out there with Material

If you're anything like me, you've always dreamed of having your own business. Heck, part of the reason I have a blog is to get myself out there, and a lot of people set up blogs as a way to build up a network to grow a business on. Sometimes the brand is an individual person, sometimes it's yarn or computer services or paintings or shoes or thrifted goodies. The trick is always picking the right platform and investing in a platform that fits you as an entrepreneur.

Enter Material. I rarely do stuff like this on my blog but I'm really excited about what Material is going to offer once it's available! A free ecommerce solution designed to set up a quick and stylish online store and get your creations out there. If you're a maker and looking for the best way to get your goods out there to the masses, I have a feeling Material is where you'll want to start.

Sign up now to be one of the first in the door. And be on the lookout for my Material shop once it launches!

How to dig into Self Service

I get asked from time to time about other elements in Self Service and how to find out where they are located or how they are styled within the JSS. While I wouldn't recommend really making big structural changes to the Self Service imagery and stylesheets, if you're wanting to explore where files are saved and how elements are styled, it is possible to look at Self Service within a browser to inspect how the application is structured.

Lazy DIY // iMac Stand

For the past few months I've been using a book as an iMac stand. As easy as that is, sometimes I, you know, need the book. So I got determined to find another solution.

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I've dug around online for some options but everything is expensive and I am broke 99% of the time (the other 1% are paydays, and by the end of said days when I pay my bills I'm back to nothing, it's fun!). So I decided to try to repurpose a shelf or box or something from Target so ave some money and get better lift.

Project 95: Sunburst Beret from Crochet Boutique

I mentioned last week that I had taken upon myself to make at least one project from every craft book I own. I'm going to try my best to stash bust in the process, and this project is a result of that.

Project: Sunburst Beret by Rachel Oglesby
Book: Crochet Boutique
Yarn: Martha Stewart Soft Wool, Green Eucalyptus
Hook: US I (5.5mm)

Notes: This took less than a whole skin, probably about 130 or so yards. I was disappointed that the pattern wasn't charted, but found it pretty easy to follow regardless.

I like quite a few of the patterns in this book, and have actually made a few other things from this book already. Definitely a keeper.

Here's me looking dumb trying to model it. Someday I'll get a real camera and then someone that can use it properly to take my photos.

You can queue it up here:

Check out my Libib library here.

Music Monday // Victoria, "O Magnum Mysterium"

I've sang this piece twice in my life; once in high school, another time in college at Butler University. Both times it was a profound experience for me. The first time I sang tenor, the second I sang alto. It might as well be two different pieces when you learn two different parts to this incredibly motet.

Over the past few weeks I've found that I really miss singing. It's been about seven years since I've sang regularly in a choir. Chamber choir was always my favorite; singing and rehearsing a cappella always my strength. While in the Madrigal Choir at Butler we never rehearsed with a piano, just a pitch pipe and each other. My musicianship grew by leaps and bounds during those years and I will never forget them. Victoria's "O Magnum Mysterium" is still one of my favorite pieces to practice and perform, along with "Le chant des oiseaux."

I need to find myself a community madrigal choir. Or make one for myself…

The Craft Book Challenge

I have a confession to make: I own a lot of craft books. One of my favorite parts of Half Price Book trips with Charlie is checking out the knitting, crochet, and cross stitch books. I never really quantified how many I actually owned until now… I've hit the point where I've accidentally bought books I already own because I have that many now. Oops.

So I went on a personal journey to find an app to catalogue my books and stop the insanity. I tried out a few and ended up going with Libib. It's basically a library management system, and I went with it for a few reasons:
- iOS app for access on the go
- Search function on the app for ease of finding books by title or author
- Online access via browser
- Sharing via social media
- Built-in barcode scanner on the iOS app for easy adding of books
- Stats (!!!)
- Beautiful UI
- Can also catalog movies, video games, and music

I very excitedly went through my home library and added all of my books, creating separate library lists in the app for everything from my vegan cookbooks, to crochet, knitting, cross stitch, general crafts (like origami!), language & grammar, media studies, music studies, scores… I even put in my Doctor Who DVD collection. And holy cow, I have a lot of craft books!