Fave Friday

Fave Friday

Since I very recently started my own bullet journal, today's Fave Friday is going to be my favorite supplies for my journal!


Leuchtturm1917 A5, dotted

I absolutely love this journal. The medium-hard cover is nice and makes sure there isn't any extra damage when you throw it in your bag, and it has two-page marker ribbons and an elastic closure loop. It also has a built-in index and pagination, which I love.


Staedtler triplus fineliner pens, set of 10.

I picked mine up at Target, but they're on Amazon too. Really nice, smooth writing with highly-pigmented color. And if used with the Leuchtturm notebooks you won't notice too much ghosting (and no bleed-through).

Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens, set of 9

I'm a sucker for Muji supplies. Great colors, smooth write, quick-drying gel, no bleedthrough and little ghosting.


Muji Stationary Set

I love this set. It's very minimal and has a great grid-style 15cm ruler, which is great for making straight lines when designing future log and weekly spreads. The ballpoint pen writes really nicely, and the mechanical pencil is nice to have for trying out doodles before committing them to page.

DPIST Scrapbooking Tape

I love this scrapbooking tape/washi tape because it's relatively thin (about .7cm) so it makes nice borders and is just adhesive enough to tape things down without taking up too much space.

I'm a bit of a bullet journal novice but I'm already seeing the benefits of having a hand-written task management system. I'll talk more about my setup and main motivations next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Fave Friday

Lovely art by Valfré, which I am hoping to make into a tattoo someday!

Chunky Cowl crochet pattern by justbcrafty

Wood grain iPad cover by KOVEREDUK on Etsy

Sleepy Time Porcelain Mug by blakeblake

Caticorn enamel pin by thepinksamurai on Easy

Happy Friday!

Get JAMF Software Status Updates with Feeds in Slack

I'm not looking to particularly blow any minds here, but JAMF has a Status Page (say what) that now includes JAMF Cloud maintenance notifications. Hooray!

So, what's the best way to stay updated without SMS messages blowing up your phone or inbox? Throw it in a Slack channel using /feed.

Spin up a Slack channel called JAMF alerts or something. Or if you're like me, have a dedicate channel for service alerts that you can pipe it into. As you can see above, the RSS URL is http://status.jamfsoftware.com/history.rss. The command to subscribe to a feed in Slack is /feed, so the whole command to subscribe (shown above) is:

/feed subscribe http://status.jamfsoftware.com/history.rss

Once you subscribe you'll get a notification from Slackbot.

You can also confirm the subscription to the feed using /feed list.

Now when an incident is filed on the page, you'll get a handy notification in Slack without clogging up your inbox.

Staying informed is a big part of being a system administrator. It's also a useful gauge of the consistency and reliability of a product. If you're a JAMF Cloud customer, this is going to be the best way to know what's going on with your production environment so it's worth subscribing! If you're in the MacAdmins Slack there is a #jamfnation channel currently subscribed to the feed, but if that changes you can create your own private channel in the MacAdmins Slack for your feed updates. #protip

Fave Friday

Getting the Casper Imaging Splash Screen Back when using AutoDMG

Chances are if you use AutoDMG to build your macOS images for deployment through Casper Imaging, you've found that for some reason the combination of these great tools the default Casper Imaging splash screen often doesn't appear. I'm sure someone has an answer that doesn't involve unicorns or magic wands or what-have-you; I just know it pretty much never loads when we do imaging at work. Casper Imaging will restart the machine and log into the Temp Adobe Installer account, sit on the desktop for a while as it completes imaging, then will restart again when finished. This causes some confusion with some members of my team, so I went to the MacAdmins Slack to find a solution.

A few folks recommended getting around this problem by creating a payload-free package that launches the jamfhelper. The command to launch the jamfHelper is pretty straightforward:

AutoPkgr for Dummies

Chances are you've heard of AutoPkgr, the fantastic GUI for AutoPkg created by the folks over at the Linde Group. I've mentioned it a few times on the blog and for folks that are new to the Mac device management game, it's pretty much a necessity. Admins that are comfortable working through the command line are probably already using AutoPkg through Git, but the nice thing about AutoPkgr is that it handles the setup of AutoPkg through Git, makes sure the required components are installed, assists in updating the components when needed, and doesn't require familiarity with AutoPkg's CLI.

Although the Github repo has a Basic Usage doc, I thought it might be useful to show you how I configure, install, and use AutoPkgr day-to-day. This will be useful for admins that tend not prefer or are not comfortable working directly with tools that require the use of a CLI. This will be particularly useful if you have been told about the wonders of AutoPkgr but are unfamiliar with its components (AutoPkg and Git specifically).