Fave Friday

Where the hell have you been?

Funny you should ask…

It's been a crazy few months. Here's a list to get everyone up to speed:

Austin Apple Admins:

- I've been working on building a solid meetup group in town for Mac and iOS admins. The first meetup was pretty sparse, so I've tried scheduling some Happy Hours that coincide with other Apple-ish stuff going on in town (e.g., JAMF certification courses in town, Apple workshops). That's really helped spread the word, and the attendance of our second meeting was about triple the first (!!!).
- Networking with JAMF and the Business Team at our local Apple Store has made a huge impact. They help drive attendance and even provide food and beverages! If you're wanting to start up a local meetup group definitely reach out to vendors. You can work with vendors and still be all-MDM-inclusive. Most vendors love being involved at all from my experience.
- You can check out Austin Apple Admins online and peep the calendar if something is coming up that you'd like to attend.

MacAdmins.org Podcast:

- Back in March a MacAdmins.org Podcast was started up with folks from all around the world, including Charles Edge, Tom Bridge, Marcus Ransom, Adam Codega, Pepijn Bruienne, and a handful of other folks that work behind the scenes to engineer and produce each episode. It's been pretty fun so far!
- If Mac Admin life is something you're interested in (or live!) you can subscribe in a bunch of places
including iTunes and you can subscribe in your preferred app of choice via RSS feed.

Fave Friday

Fave Friday

Keep Out pin

Friendly Fair Isle Hat from Purl Soho

Hot Air Balloon cross stitch

Have a great weekend! I think I'm going to just knit all weekend and never leave my apartment. It'll be wonderful. I love post-grad life!

Creating an email link in a Self Service description

Let's say you're working on a Self Service policy and it makes sense to give people a way to email you or your team about the installer or service. For example, you are getting ready to migrate to Google for Work and want to let people know they can request an account on your evaluation domain or have them opt-in to your pilot user group (this just got real). The supported markdown language for Self Service descriptions does make this possible.

Here's how it works:

- Set up a new policy in your JSS with the installer for the app you want to deploy and make it available in Self Service. Add a description.

- In the description, enter your mailto: link as follows:


You'll then get the link you see above! When someone clicks on the link in Self Service, it'll open up a new email in their default mail client.

If you want to get really fancy, and/or make it easier on folks to submit a request that makes sense, you can put a subject into the mailto: like so:

[helpdesk@company.com](mailto:helpdesk@company.com?subject=Google for Work Account Request).

When the link is clicked with that subject line added as per above, the email that it creates will include the subject line you specified.

(As always, be careful with your copy-pasta!)

Pretty easy. And hey, if your colleagues read the descriptions they'll have a handy way to get in touch with you if needed. Nice!

Linking to Self Service

Many thanks to Andrew Barrett/gatoraidab on the MacAdmins Slack for pointing this out. You can now link directly to the Self Service app on managed computers. It even opens the Self Service app if you've modified it to brand it or use a different name! Neato.

To get an idea of how this works, just type in selfservice:// into your browser of choice. If you're on a managed machine it should open up the Self Service application on that device, assuming it's installed.

Now you can link directly to Self Service in your Help Desk portal, emails, even Slack or your internal messaging system! If you'd like to use HTML to link, you can use something like this:

<a href="selfservice://">Open Self Service</a>

(Be careful with your copy-pasta!)

This will work in any reasonable web environment (though not Sharepoint from my testing, what a surprise).

I hope you find this useful! It's a great way to get people using Self Service that need some extra hand-holding.

ETA: It was pointed out to me that you can use a webpart in Sharepoint to make it work, as it bypasses the security checks of the system. This is dumb. Sharepoint is dumb.

Fave Friday

Hand-pour coffee carafe set on Fab

Bottle Xmas tree crochet pattern

Planets cross stitch patterns by SpaceNavid on Etsy

Toast ears crochet ear warmer pattern

This whole ensemble, but especially the great Holly, Jolly Whovians sweatshirt from ModCloth!

Happy Christmas folks! And for those of you that don't celebrate, enjoy the (hopefully) day off and long weekend!