Music Monday // DareDevil Meets Metal

Interesting mix of "Man Without Fear" blindfold and red-suit costume. Regardless, this is pretty fun to listen to, thanks to him really keeping the tone of the Netflix series' original theme.

His Simpsons take is also pretty fun.

Sunday Stuff // Futurama Funko & Our MCU Collection

It's rather odd, but somehow Barnes & Nobles has become our go-to place for Funko Pop! figured that we can't find elsewhere. The last time we were at B&N they had all four of the Futurama Pops, which we hadn't seen elsewhere. We went back a few days later and only Fry was left.

Charlie ended up getting the Thor Pop from Age of Ultron, so now we have a pretty strong MCU collection going. Here's our MCU shelf (not surprisingly full of cosmic characters… and Cap):

B&N also had a few of the blind-boxed "Lucky Trolls," which I couldn't resist. I almost bought both boxes they had, but opted to use my money wisely after a delicious meal at the Drafthouse and only got one:

I have a bright pink one with orange hair at my desk at work. They're so tacky and wonderful. I love them.

Fave Friday

 Korean artist “Puuung” shows what Real Love looks like in these wonderful illustrations.

Girl With Curves' Pleated Party Skirt. (She has a sale going on right now; 40% off storewide with code GWC40!)

Vintage, handmade eyeglasses holder. The listing says it's a dog, though it looks more like a kitty to me!

This cute grey hat with mustard yellow trim and pom pom.

I'd love to hang this Pop Chart Lab cooking measurements tea towel in my kitchen! Charlie and I are in the very early stages of preparing to house hunt, and I'd love a throw-back kitchen with this somewhere inside.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

Fave Friday

Time to round out the week with some awesome things! It's been a while since I've done a Fave Friday and honestly, it's time to look back on great things that make me happy. Maybe they'll make you happy too.

DIY Paper Houseplants by thehousethatlarsbuilt

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer #2

This is basically just a way for me to watch this on repeat over and over again forever. And you too.

Gives me the tingles.

Sunday Stuff // Phasing Vision & Pretty Soldiers

Time for another edition of Sunday Stuff! This time around I picked up some exclusive Pop Funko action in anticipation of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and a few more Pretty Sailors! Exciting stuff.

First up is the Target exclusive "Phasing" Vision (The Vision, to be exact). Since I don't do movie reviews anymore I haven't seen any advance screenings or anything like that, so how Vizh comes to be in the film is still a bit of a mystery. However, I'd put money on him phasing through a baddie's chest and re-phasing and then yeah, you know what happens.

Super cool figure. I'm still not sold on Vizh's new color scheme but maybe like the TARDIS he has some display modes he can cycle through.

Next up! More of the Chibi Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon collectables. As I mentioned last time, Guzu Gallery opened up one of the boxed collections of these figures so folks could pick out what they wanted. I got Sailor Moon and Sailor V last time, so this time I got the rest!

I'm guessing that technically that last figure is Endymion rather than Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask due to the lack of mask. But I don't think anyone is going to fight over that point. Mars and Jupiter are my favorite of the bunch; I love their stances and their cute shoes.

Last up, another addition to my Doctor Who Eaglemoss collection. Austin Books & Comics tends to not be where I go to get these, as their selection is usually pretty slim. However, today they had a Jabe on the shelf so I had to snag it.

Jabe's dress is my favorite part here, apologies for not taking pictures of the gold leaf detail along the back. Her face isn't quite as spot-on as the other figures I have, but I've found that the more human-like the creature, the less unique/characteristic the figures look. That's why I usually stick with the monsters/baddies. They tend to be way cooler.

And here she is on the shelf with the rest of my collection.

It's getting a bit crowded in there (that picture doesn't even include all of them, there are a few in the front row cut off). I might have to upgrade their storage soon.

I'm hoping to invest in a better camera soon for better shots of my collectables. In the meantime, stay tuned for more nerd collectables, including some new looks at my Adventure Time and Futurama collection displays!

Casper Suite 9.7 Released Today, let's talk Self Service

Hey friends, as you may have noticed Casper Suite 9.7 was released today. For those of you that have been branding your Self Service apps, rest easy. No imagery was changed during this update so my previous guides should still be relevant!

One quick note, though, on how to avoid a "this package is broken" message you might get if you are trying to customize the app. When you download the vanilla Self from your JSS, make sure you launch the app first and accept the Gatekeeper dialogue.

If you don't accept this message and Open the file it'll totally bork when you try to update the Info.plist CFBundleName. So open it once before you start modifying the file to save yourself a little time and a headache or two.