A closer look at the Weeping Angel Eaglemoss

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

As I mentioned in my #gally1 junk vlog, I managed to find another Doctor Who Eaglemoss figure that I hadn't purchased yet. It was released in the first wave of six figures, but either due to low supply or high demand (or both) I didn't get one in stores. But after asking around a bit in the Dealer's Room I found a booth that brought some with, and the Weeping Angel was one they had with them.

Of course they picked an instance of the Weeping Angel incredibly grotesque, with stretched-out arms and gnarly tongue.

I would love to have a second one with the hands cover its eyes, which is probably the creepiest stance out of all of the iconic images of the Weeping Angles. Even still, it's a great addition to the collection.

RIPT T-shirt Pick // Sex Bob-Ombs

Monday, February 16, 2015

I don't really do posts about stuff like this that often, but my love of Scott Pilgrim knows no bounds. I so just put in an order for this Sex Bob-Ombs shirt.

I love that it uses metallic ink for the logo. I bet it looks hella classy in person.

It's only available today so head over to RIPT Apparel to snag one before it disappears.

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Project 365 // days 12 - 18

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

365.12 I miss the days when fortunes were fortunes and not just one-liners from self help books.

365.13 Road trip!

365.14 My IKEA hack help desk space at work!

365.15 First pics on our new iPhones. Dat resolution tho

365.16 Madam Mam's on Burnet.

365.17 First ice cream trip of the year <3

365.18 I'll be sad when I don't have football to put on as background noise while writing

Project 365 continues! See the whole album here.

Project 365 // days 5 - 11

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

365.5 Cat's eye view

365.6 Dissertating with a side of Parks & Rec

365.7 A pup and her favorite bone

365.8 This is what a nerd's fridge looks like

365.9 Rainy day a.k.a. winter in Austin

365.10 Dinner with this cutie

365.11 I don't have spare time. I have dissertation time.

Project 365 continues! See the whole album here.

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