Personalizing your GitHub profile

This may be old news, but GitHub has added a way to make your profile a lot more interesting with a profile readme. You can add tags and charts and GIFs and whatever else, just like you can on a readme on any of your repos. The trick to getting a the profile readme to appear is to create a repo using your GitHub username and initialize it with a readme markdown file.

To create your profile readme go to and name the repository with your username. (You can ignore the warning in red blow, that's there because I've already created the repo on my account.) But below you'll see a note that a repo created with your username creates a special repo that adds a readme to your profile.

Screenshot of where a profile has been created using the account username

Once you create the new repo you'll be taken to the readme file that will be used to customize your profile. You can use markdown and/or HTML to customize the file. Add pictures, emojis, charts, text, code, whatever. Markdown is very flexible.

When you've finished editing and save your profile readme in the special repo you'll see the readme on your profile.

Animated screenshot of, my profile, which tells a little about me and includes a Ted Lasso GIF of him enthusiastically jumping and slapping a sign that says BELIEVE above his office doorway

You can add your resume, highlight your skills with, load it up with Ted Lasso GIFs… you do you. There are quite a few articles out there around how to make one that's really pretty. You can really make your profile stand out with some customization and show folks that there is a human behind the code. (Or an octocat.)


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