My favorite way to keep track of the Mac Admin Slack's nuggets of wisdom

Saved Items is your Slack BFF.

When the Mac Admins Slack started up five-plus years ago there were about 100 folks and no such thing as threads or reacjis. Typing that out is a bit mind-blowing (and also makes me feel a bit old). There's a ton of wisdom in that history though, wisdom that now can get a bit lost in a sea of posts from 38000 members and nearly 5000 (!!!) daily active users.

With such an immense archive of knowledge and Futurama GIFs it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of those little nuggets of wisdom that appear in the stream of a larger conversation in a channel. My favorite way to make sure I save those items and make them easier to find later is Slack's Saved Items feature.

If you stumble across a post that you find particularly helpful and want to make sure you can easily return to it later, hover over the post and click the "Add to saved items" button. 

Screenshot of the macOS Slack client with the pointer hovering over the "Add to Saved Items" button

On mobile devices (in my example below, iOS) tap the post to get a contextual menu that allows you to save the post to your Saved items.

Screenshot of the Slack iOS app with the contextual action menu open including the option "Add to saved items"

When you inevitably have a moment later where you think "I know I saw a post about that, I hope I can find it" you can just pop over into the Saved items area of your sidebar and look through the posts (and files) you've saved there.

Screenshot of the Mac Admins Slack with a post linking recent Apple deployment reference documentation

It's honestly the best. With so many amazing, generous people out there sharing tons of knowledge and insight and wisdom make sure to find a way that works for you to save those things for reference later.


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