Resources from this fall's BYO conference presentations

Slides & links from my BYO presentations at JNUC + MacSysAdmin 2023.

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It's been a busy few weeks with JNUC 2023 and MacSysAdmin 2023 just a week apart, so I'm just now getting some time to sit down and get some slide decks out for your review. I did give very similar talks at the two conferences, though the JNUC talk was with my colleague Mitch and had more details on the Azure and Okta side of ABM federation than my solo MSA presentation.

Without further ado…

Jamf Nation User Conference 2023

MacSysAdmin 2023


🔗 How we BYO @ Jamf (on JNUC)
🔗 Building a BYO program @ Jamf (MacSysAdmin site)
📺 Building a BYO program @ Jamf (video)
🔗 Account-Driven User Enrollment for Personally Owned Mobile Devices
🔗 Configure Single Sign-on for Office 365
📺 Do more with Managed Apple IDs | WWDC 2023
🔗 Use Managed Apple IDs in Apple Business Manager
🔗 If you are asked to update your Apple ID email address
🔗 User Enrollment MDM information
🔗 Passcode Discussion | Apple Developer Docs
🔗 Configuring UEM Connect for Jamf Pro
🔗 Per-App VPN on Apple Devices
🔗 Configuring Per-App VPN on iOS and iPadOS Devices

Until next time…

It's been busy conference season these past few months, and I'm looking forward to heading home to spend the last few months of the year home with my family. But I admit I'm happily envisioning another wonderful trip to Gothenburg next year.

Thank you to Jamf, Patrik, and the other organizers involved in the conferences this year for having me along to share our BYO story.

☮️ ❤️ 👩🏻‍💻

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