My hexagon stickers for JNUC 2023

Find me at JNUC 2023 for hexagon stickers to start your collection.

The 2023 Jamf Nation User Conference is fast approaching! I'm looking forward to having everyone down in my neck of the woods for a week.

As I've mentioned previously, I thought it'd be a fun experiment to see if we can get hexagon shaped stickers to be a part of our community building at the conference (and beyond). So I thought I'd share some of the stickers I'll be bringing to help y'all start a collection.

"Eat Tacos, Manage Macs" and "Mod Titan" stickers

I made stickers for this very blog, as well as a design called "Eat Tacos, Manage Macs" for the Austin Apple Admins user group. In the above picture I'm holding them together so you get a sense of what the hexagons will look like tessellated!

"Texas Apple Admins"

I've done a few runs of Texas-shaped, Texas-flag inspired stickers with the Apple logo in the place of the star. I've made a version of that sticker in a hexagon shape, which will be a limited release just for JNUC this year.

"Y'all Means All"

This design is a personal favorite of mine, and is the classic macOS rainbow pinwheel with "Y'all Means All" in text over the top. 

"Don't mess with Trans kids"

A "Don't mess with Trans kids" tribute sticker based on the classic design that was a viral t-shirt campaign in 2022. It's also a play on the classic "Don't mess with Texas" litter campaign. Beyond all that, it's a message that I firmly stand behind and want to keep putting out there into the world.

If the "Y'all Means All" and "Don't mess with Trans kids" stickers resonate with you I'd strongly encourage you to consider donating to local groups on the ground in Central Texas doing the good and hard work to support LGBTQ+ Texans and their families.

🔗 Kind Clinic
🔗 OutYouth

There are a few other groups planning on bringing hexagon stickers, so be ready to go on the hunt in Austin this year.

Learn more about the Jamf Nation User Conference and Austin Apple Admins (and other user groups) at the following:

🔗 JNUC 2023
🔗 Austin Apple Admins
🔗 Mac Admins Community Groups Map
🗺️ Mac Admins Community Groups Map (Google Maps)
🗺️ Bonus: Vegan around Austin guide (Apple Maps)

See y'all there!


p.s. If you like the "Eat Tacos, Manage Macs" sticker you can buy a shirt, hoodie, or mug on Bonfire!

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