Two years at Jamf

Two years at Jamf, many years with Jamf Nation. ❤️

This may shock some of you, but on this day two years ago I started my journey as a Jamf employee. It simultaneously feels like it hasn't been that long and has also been much longer… Jamf's enterprise products have been a cornerstone of my accidental IT career that started back in late 2013. Well, I say that but honestly it's the Jamf Nation community that has been the cornerstone, maybe anchor is a better analogy, all this time.

I'd post a heartwarming retrospective of the last two years but I'm just not that person (😅).

What I do want to say is thank you to my Jamf colleagues, all of whom have put up with two years of my ranting and button pushing. Chalk it all up to "relentless self-improvement."

Our Jamf @ Jamf initiative is really something to behold now. Jamf Pro + Connect + Protect + Trust all working together to build awesome end user experiences, push ourselves to build and deliver the best device experiences we can for our Jamf colleagues, and give them cool sh*t to show off to customers that is for real life. And the fun part is we have so much more cool stuff coming. They don't even know.

None of this would be possible without the journey I've been on thanks to the Jamf Nation community, and in particular, the Jamf Nation User Conference. It's always a highlight of the year and I'm stoked that it's down the road from my house this year. And on that note, I thought I'd round things out with some photos from previous JNUCs that give me some warm, fuzzy feelings.

My first JNUC session in 2014, "Branding Self Service for your organization"

After the live Mac Admins Podcast recording at JNUC 2017

Co-presenting with one of the nicest people in the universe, Mark Buffington, at JNUC 2018.

Moderating a panel on automation at JNUC 2018, five months pregnant!

2021 was virtual, so you get this dumb photoshop I made of Bryson and I for our "best practices" session.

JNUC 2022 was the first big in-person conference since the inception of the Mac Admins Foundation. It was a joy to see everyone sporting MAF merch in San Diego.


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