Announcing the Mac Admins Foundation

A non-profit built by Mac admins, for Mac admins, to build and sustain our incredible community and its resources.

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to announce the official launch of the Mac Admins Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization built by Mac admins, for Mac admins. Our mission is to advance the global community of people who manage Apple devices at large and small scales. We accomplish this by:

  • fostering connections among Mac Admins around the globe
  • sharing knowledge and resources for members’ ongoing professional growth
  • preserving collected knowledge for the benefit of others
  • making a welcoming and accessible organization to expand the profession
  • providing the use of community tools (such as the Mac Admins Slack)
  • protecting the independence of the community
  • maintaining affordable access to all community resources, regardless of members’ economic status

I am so thrilled that Jamf, Jumpcloud, Kandji, Kolide, and Mosyle have joined our efforts as charter sponsors of the Mac Admins Foundation. We're also thrilled to have Alectrona, Bootstrappers, HCS Technology Group, and the Mac Admins Podcast onboard as supporting sponsors that have helped us get our foot out the door and plan for the future.

Charter sponsors


Sponsoring the Mac Admins Foundation

If you'd like to sponsor the Mac Admins Foundation: thank you! There are a few ways to contribute:

If you work at an organization that would like to sponsor the Mac Admins Foundation please get in touch! We'd love to chat and have you onboard.

Reaching the MAF

Myself, Tom, Caleb, Rich, and Chris are all on the Mac Admins Slack and happy to answer questions. Your best options for general questions and conversation is the #macadminsfoundation channel on the Slack team. You can also reach out via our contact form.

p.s. a HUGE thanks to Molly Eckard for designing our fantastic logo and building our branding guidelines. Obsessed. ❤️🙏🏻

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