Maybe you can't understand this, but I finally found what makes me happy, and it's not friends, it's things.

I've been spending this weekend setting up my office/nerd stuff space, and unpacking my nerd stuff has made me so happy.

You know, back on an old, old blog of mine I made every post a Futurama quotation or episode title. After a while it got… difficult. But this seems fitting.

I've been spending this weekend setting up my office/nerd stuff space, and unpacking my nerd stuff has made me so happy.

Before I dig into some of my nerd stuff, let me introduce you to my latest Eaglemoss pickup, Ood Sigma.

My collection has grown a bit. You may notice that there are no Doctors or humans in this group. I found myself really uninterested in collecting the Doctors, and I thought Rassilon looked kind of dumb. So I've dedicated myself to getting all of the enemy creatures. I'm sure a few Daleks will come out (a 10th-Doctor Era Dalek is available now) but I'll hold out for a 60s Dalek.

I like having them lined up like this because you get a sense of the sizing. The scale is 1:21, and based on the difference between the Sontaran and the Silence I think you get the idea that the scaling is taken rather seriously.

Even though I never found the Ood to be a particularly interesting species on the show, I absolutely adore this figure. The posture is perfect, and I love that he is carrying the cup of "hair tonic" that this Ood was giving to Mr. Halpen. While his Ood Sphere looks a bit, well, plasticy, the rest of the figure has fantastic detail, especially the face. It's not quite as cool as the Silence (again, a species I think is kind of dumb but made for an excellent Eaglemoss figure) but is a great add to the collection.

I've also picked up a few other things to add to my nerd stuff yesterday. I've been slowly adding to my Futurama KidRobot collection. Here is the current collection as it stands:

Charlie got me that wonderful Hypnotoad figure for Xmas. The other regular KidRobot figures I've slowly collected over the years. I wish I had more from Series 1, but they're getting hard to find these days.

I have already gotten two Series 2 figures that I love:

The Hermes one in particular is great. The accessory with his figure is the Brainslug, which perfect sits on one of his dreads. The expression on his face is hilarious. Love it.

I also picked up a few of the new Funko mini-bobblehead Marvel figures yesterday. When I was at Dragon's Lair I picked up my first one and got Deadpool. Ugh. Deadpool is everywhere and his comic isn't even that good. But at least the figure is cool.

I hit up Austin Books & Comics afterwards, and they had the mini-bobbleheads as well, so I got another box. They have a great trading policy: if you get one you don't like you can trade it out for the display copy. They had Scarlet Witch out so it was win-win for me! But fortune smiled on me as I got Scarlet Witch from my blind-box!

I complained about getting Deadpool while I was at the counter, and the guy checking out at the other register overheard. We arranged a trade, so I grabbed the Deadpool out of my car to trade for whatever he got. And that is how I got rid of Deadpool and left with…

Spider-Man! Now granted, I'm not the biggest Spidey fan out there, but he's definitely better than Scarlet Witch. And I choose to believe it is Peter Parker Spider-Man, not Doc Ock Spider-Man. Because I am a reasonable person.

Austin Books/Guzu Gallery should set up a trading system of some kind for their blind-boxed figures. I'm sure people would be 100% into it.

I'm not sure where they are going to live in my office/nerd stuff room, but it'll need to be somewhere cool. I need to pick up some shelving soon.

I got one other great nerd thing for my office, but that is being saved for another post. I need to find her a good home first.

Happy Sleeping-In Day!

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