So, you've found yourself hooked on Doctor Who thanks to PBS and/or BBC America. What next? Well, Netflix has every episode of the revival of Doctor Who, series 1 in 2005 through series 5 with Matt Smith in 2010, up and streaming through their service.

Doctor Who on Netflix

If you don't have Netflix you can get a free trial very, very easily. And I guarantee you'll be hooked. It's the way of the future, man.

I very highly recommend watching through a PS3, Roku box, or Xbox360. The video quality is the best you can get, and watching it on your tv is really the best.

Now that we're on summer break until the show returns in the fall, you've got plenty of time to catch up. Get to it!

I know it's pretty easy to download episodes through torrent sites, but if you watch through Netflix it shows interest in the US! Something the BBC is starting to take very, very seriously. After all, they've been considering releasing an international iPlayer. Fancy.