When I was little, before the internet was a Big Thing and I could afford buying strategy guides for games, I would write letters to Nintendo asking for help. I got a few replies, yet this one was the most useful. I had written asking for two things: the location of the secret shells in Link's Awakening for GameBoy, and the location of Master's Emblems in SoulBlazer for SNES. A helpful gent named Dervin Camden (a pseudonym? perhaps... but an excellent one) sent me this reply:

Letter From Nintendo by on Scribd
If only customer service was this helpful nowadays. Well, I guess the internet takes care of that, doesn't it? I think I wrote them this letter about a year before I got a reply. But hey! They still replied. Link's Awakening and SoulBlazer are still two of my favorite games (I still have the poster that came in the box for SoulBlazer). Thanks, Nintendo.