twenty eleven

Well well well. Here we are. 2011. The year of Eleven.

So, I figure I should set some goals for myself. Things I can do. Keep myself on track. etc.

1. Make and keep a budget. Oh my god, this will be painful. I may even meet with a financial adviser at my bank to help me out.
2. Use my damn stash. And here's how.
a. I can only cast on something new when I finish a WIP.
b. I only get one extraneous purchase a month. Either clothing, yarn/fiber, or stuff for my new PS3. It has to be under $100. If I buy yarn I can't buy a new game, movie, or clothes. And vice versa.
3. Spin at least once a month. I want to sit down at least once a month and use my spinning wheel. If I can't justify having it I'm going to sell it. I'll use up the fiber I have, and then fiber gets included in 2 above.
4. Re-commit to C25K. The curve was just a bit too steep for me, so I gave up on it. Also, this past semester was kind of crazy. So when I get home next week I'm giving it another go, and I'll spend 2 weeks on each week of the program. I'm not interested in killing myself, and I'm not doing it competitively. I am doing it for myself, so I'll use my own pace.
5. Eat out only once a week. I need to stop eating out. It cost me a fortune this past semester. So I'm going back to eating out only once a week. Exceptions: birthdays/parties/celebrations. Which, trust me, I don't participate in often.
6. Be less of a flake. I have a tendency to commit to something, then when the time comes back out because I'm tired or I don't feel like putting forth the effort. I don't get much time to myself because I am working or going to school every day of the week. So I either need to commit to less, or be less flaky. We'll see what happens.
7. Stick with the 365 Project. Damnit. I'll make this happen.

I think these are good, realistic goals.

Austin: see you Tuesday.

To the rest of the Internet: happy new year. I hope it's a good one.


  1. These are great goals, nice and manageable and I love that you have well-thought-out plans for sticking to them.
    I need to sit down and sort out the budget/ stash issue soon too.

    Happy 2011!


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