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Happy 9 9 9!

The long-awaited Beatles Remastered albums are being released today, as well as The Beatles: Rock Band! Hot damn am I excited for both of these. I'll be at Best Buy when the doors open to pick up my copies.

In honor of this momentous date in history, I am going to share one of my favorite Beatles songs ever, and one of my favorites Beatles covers ever. Check it.

"Rain" was the B-side of "Paperback Writer", their 11th single released. The songs were written while the band was recording Revolver in 1966. Beyond it being a great song (with a tiny bit of social commentary), it carries the distinction of being one of the first pop songs to include tape manipulation. At the end of the song, Lennon took part of the group singing and played the tape backwards. This happens all the time now, but back in the 60s recording techniques of this nature were still being developed.

"Rain" by The Beatles

And here's a fantastic cover (recorded live) by of Montreal:

And just for kicks, here are some more Beatles covers by of Montreal:

"Nowhere Man"

"Hey Bulldog"

"I Will" (Kevin Barnes)

Enjoy, and spread the Beatlemania.

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