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I finally finished the shawl I've been working on! I was so close to finishing it, and then put it away for a few weeks because I'm lazy. Or because of my fear of commitment. One of those. Maybe both. I had trouble deciding what to do with the edging, until one magical day when I randomly thought ruffles would look nice. And there she was. Zoe.

The ruffle was a bit more prominent before I blocked it, which is sort of bumming me out. I'm hoping to get some test knitters to work out my pattern and take some FO pictures pre-blocking to show off the ruffle a bit more, and to maybe lend some insight in how to block it without losing as much curl from the ruffle.

If you are someone interested in test knitting this shawl for me, please get in touch! It will be a free pattern, but I would very much appreciate having a few people work through the pattern before I officially release it.

I can't wait until it cools off enough to warrant me wearing it. My car told me it was 109ΒΊF today ... that's just evil.


  1. How cute are you in that shawl? Super cute, that's how cute.
    What kind of yardage does the pattern require? I've got some awesome handspun but I'd worry about there not being enough of it.

  2. I used less than one skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock, which has about 328 yards in a skein. So I don't know, probably somewhere around 300 yards, maybe a bit more.

  3. You might want to go with an outright feather-and-fan pattern if you want a wavy edge. (That's what I did.) Otherwise, I'd try putting in a whole bunch of increases all at once to give you a 3-D ruffle.

  4. Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I have some of my test-knitters doing increasing on every stitch across instead of every-other stitch to see if that helps. Unblocked the ruffle is subtle and really pretty, but when it blocks it kind of disappears. We'll see what my fab test knitters come up with. :D


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