I'm mainly proud I got this done before 2021 actually ended. 😅

Picture of sunglasses sitting on the edge of a tall building, with a out of focus view in the distance of a city skyline
Photo by Gaurav Baya on Unsplash

The awesome-macadmins-tools list started as a list of things I used to share in my Mac admins toolkit talks, which in turn was inspired by a talk my dear friend Tom Bridge gave many years ago at PSU Mac Admins.

I dumped in things I thought were cool and kind of called it a day.

Then GitHub grew and changed, some apps changed hands, some things disappeared, others fell out of usefulness. Standard internet stuff.

Last week I finally went in and did a big cleanup and refresh of the list. A few notable changes:

As always, I am happy to take PRs to add new things to the list. Enjoy, share, etc.