Resources from Between Two Jamfs at vJNUC 2021

PDFs of our Keynote presentation, a link to view the session on demand, and links to session handouts from Between Two Jamfs at vJNUC 2021.

Slide from Between Two Jamfs session at JNUC 2021

Hey friends! It was so great to to join you all in chat and on the Mac Admins Slack during our JNUC 2021 session "Between two Jamfs: a conversation about Jamf Pro best practice."


I wanted to make sure to take a moment to reshare some of the resources we shared from our chat, including the session handouts! Unfortunately there is no transcript to share yet, but I'm going to try my best to get a transcript generated and shared here whenever I can.

We also noticed after the session ended that there were some questions asked that we didn't see in the chat window. I'm going to post a follow-up blog post later this week and do my best to answer some of those questions. So stay tuned for that!

Slide deck & handouts

The presentation video is already available on demand! Just head to the JNUC 2021 website and watch it there. Here is a direct link.

There were a few handouts which I'll link below.

The video link on the JNUC website does include closed captions, which is handy for anyone needing it. There is no transcription, but the presenter notes on the PDF linked above is pretty close. If I can find a way to get a copy of the recorded session to generate a transcription I will and I'll post it here.

Image of Between Two Ferns with Emily and Bryson's heads Photoshopped over the original actors' bodies

We hope you enjoyed the content and find it helpful for working on some best/better practice for your Jamf Pro server. See you next year in San Diego!

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