Baby legwarmers

Hello! Baby Isabel was born February 22, 2019, and I've been on maternity leave with her since she was born. It's been a hectic, wonderful time, and it's about time I shared some of the cute baby stuff I've made for her. I thought I'd start with this pair of stretchy legwarmers.

Baby legwarmers
The fun thing about these legwarmers is that they look knit but they're crochet! I used slip stitch crochet to make some really stretchy legwarmers that should grow with her for a while. I started with about 25 chains to start, and did slip stitch crochet until they were about 5" or so. Finishing was just seaming the edges together and weaving in the ends. You can see more details about these on Ravelry.

I love making baby stuff. Small, cute, and fast to make.

<3 ekw

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