A look back at a busy year

Bought a house, got married… what a year.

Today is my one year anniversary at The Home Depot (come work with me!), so this seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on the past year (and change) and what's been going on for me and my family in what has been an incredibly busy year.

Buying a house

Last summer we bought a house!

It was stressful as hell and I hope I never have to do it again. But our house is amazing (though the yard is definitely not that green, and we've filled up the inside with all of our junk) and we're so happy we have a home of our own now.

We got engaged!

Not long after we moved into the house, Charlie and I went on a birthday weekend trip to Schlitterbahn and New Braunfels. We went to a drive-in movie theater that evening and we popped the question. Uh duh, I said yes.

Us, waiting in line for the Descendents at Stubb's last September. Funnily enough, that was a ring we got on a whim from Etsy because I don't wear a lot of jewelry and had a hell of a time finding something I liked. I feel like I'm still on the quest, though I've actually found some costume jewelry that I like to wear because I'm a cheap weirdo. 

I started working for The Home Depot

An opportunity as a Mac Systems Engineer opened up at The Home Depot with the ability to work out of their impressive Austin Technology Center North office, so naturally I jumped at it. It's nice to be at a point in my career where I am working as a systems engineer without the help desk component. I can really focus on building solutions for maintaining Macs, beef up my scripting skills, and feel like a real influence in decision making for managing platforms at a giant company. It's been an interesting journey, going from small start-up YOLO life to a big company where the gears can turn kind of slowly and a legacy tech stack can get in the way of, like, using Google Keep for note-taking. But it's a fantastic place to work and I look forward to many more happy years at THD.

I went back to the JNUC

After a bit of a hiatus, I headed back to Minneapolis last year for the Jamf Nation User Conference. It was so nice to see familiar faces, make some new friends, and walk in some real cold, winter weather. It was also nice to get some recognition for feedback I provided while evaluating Jamf Pro 10 in beta.

I got an Honor Roll fleece and then went and didn't pass the Jamf 400 course I was there to take that week. You win some, you lose some.

We got married!

Because we love our house, and because we didn't want to spend a ton of money on a wedding when we could spend it on stuff like toys and books (and bills, let's be honest) we had a tiny ceremony in our backyard with our immediate family. It was a terribly cold day; it had been in the 70s and beautiful all week but that Saturday dropped to 39ºF. Just our luck! But we know how to go with the flow and it was a really fun day.

Our after-party was at Pinballz, one of our favorite places to go in town. It was incredibly fun to see friends and family all mingling and playing skeeball and stuff. 

We took pup to her first baseball game

It was also my husband's first game! Cubs won thanks to a Bote homer. That dude is going places.

We went on our honeymoon!

Austin > Hot Springs > Memphis > Chattanooga > Nashville > Indianapolis > Chicago > Little Rock > Oklahoma > home

A whirlwind two-ish weeks of driving and seeing weird roadside attractions and visiting with family. It was so fun! And now Chattanooga is on our retirement spot short-list.

(More pictures are on in my Instagram Stories.)

We're having a baby!!!

Yep, we did it.

I'm sure we have no idea what we're getting into but we're so excited to have a little future offspring on the way. I'm just about finished with the first trimester and I'm starting to bust out of my clothes… maternity outfits ahoy ⛵️

What a year, right?

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