See ya next week at the JNUC!

What's up?! Next week is the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) and I'm super happy that I'll be there next week to nerd out over Mac Admin stuff and finally wear some of this stuff I've been knitting/crocheting in chilly Minneapolis.

I'll be taking the Jamf 400/Casper Certified Expert course so I'll be around on Tuesday and Wednesday morning for the keynotes and 11:15 am sessions. I'll also be at some mini-events in the evening, including the MacAdmins Podcast Live recording and After Party, the SplashBuddy Jumpstart, Jamf Nation Party, and the TILT Pinball trip on Thursday.

Come find me in the evenings or Tuesday/Wednesday morning if you want to snag an Austin Apple Admins sticker while they last.

We've got the community notes set up for next week as well, and some lovely vanity links for you to bookmark:

Edit permissions will be opened up Monday morning (the 23rd) and closed the following Monday (the 30th). Take a gander at the readme for some tips on making the notes section as fun/useful as possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces next week in Minneapolis!

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