Demystifying jamfHelper

So if you're anything like me you find using jamfHelper totally… helpful, but also find using it within a script is really finicky. Enter jamfHelperByPolicy, a handy script Douglas Worley of JAMF, to make throwing up a policy notification with jamfHelper way easier.

Here's how it works.

Setting up the jamfHelperByPolicy script

2. Log into your JSS and head to the Scripts section.

3. Create a new script.

4. Enter some useful information about the script, a good name, etc., so that when you stumble upon it later you remember what it's for.

5. Enter the contents of the jamfHelperByPolicy script into the Script tab.

6. In the Options tab, copy the contents of the variables ($4, $5, etc.) into the window variable fields so they all match. It should look something like this.

7. Click Save.

All set! Now it's ready to use.

Using the jamfHelperByPolicy script in a policy

1. Create a new policy in the Policies page.

2. I like using Self Service to test stuff, so I'll make a policy on the Ongoing trigger to make it available in Self Service for myself.

3. In the Scripts tab, select the jamfHelperByPolicy script that you just added to the JSS.

4. You'll see parameter values available with the field names you set, which you can then populate with whatever you want the jamfHelper pop-up to look like.

In the comments of the script you can see some recommended values. Alternately, you can run 
/Library/Application\ Support/JAMF/bin/ -help
in your to get a full help page.

5. Since we're using Self Service to test, configure the Self Service tab with whatever imagery/description you want, and scope to yourself in the Scope tab.

6. Head over to Self Service and test it out.

You can see how the values I put in the Scripts tab in the policy correlate to the actual jamfHelper dialogue that pops up.

Many thanks to Mr. Worley for making this handy script to make it easy to remember how to use jamfHelper.

/me claps

Make sure you acknowledge that this script comes with a disclaimer and is provided as-is without warranty. Feel free to ask questions here in the comments, but know that you should TEST TEST TEST before deploying this in your production JSS or using it with policies scoped to real peoples' machines.


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