Where the hell have you been?

Funny you should ask…

It's been a crazy few months. Here's a list to get everyone up to speed:

Austin Apple Admins:

- I've been working on building a solid meetup group in town for Mac and iOS admins. The first meetup was pretty sparse, so I've tried scheduling some Happy Hours that coincide with other Apple-ish stuff going on in town (e.g., JAMF certification courses in town, Apple workshops). That's really helped spread the word, and the attendance of our second meeting was about triple the first (!!!).
- Networking with JAMF and the Business Team at our local Apple Store has made a huge impact. They help drive attendance and even provide food and beverages! If you're wanting to start up a local meetup group definitely reach out to vendors. You can work with vendors and still be all-MDM-inclusive. Most vendors love being involved at all from my experience.
- You can check out Austin Apple Admins online and peep the calendar if something is coming up that you'd like to attend.

MacAdmins.org Podcast:

- Back in March a MacAdmins.org Podcast was started up with folks from all around the world, including Charles Edge, Tom Bridge, Marcus Ransom, Adam Codega, Pepijn Bruienne, and a handful of other folks that work behind the scenes to engineer and produce each episode. It's been pretty fun so far!
- If Mac Admin life is something you're interested in (or live!) you can subscribe in a bunch of places
including iTunes and you can subscribe in your preferred app of choice via RSS feed.


- We moved one of our two buildings to a new location with only about three months of planning. It was a nightmare. Probably more of a nightmare than you might imagine, as I am on a tiny Help Desk team. But we got it done, and aside from relying on TWC's awful, awful service until fiber is run things appear to be running smoothly post-move.
- If you've ever worked in IT and been involved with corporate building moves I probably don't have to fill you in that much, but the incredibly short timeframe caused a lot of stress and headaches. I'M SO GLAD IT'S FINISHED.
- I became a manager of the Help Desk, and quickly learned I am not at a stage in my career that I want to be in management. Which leads me to…

New Job:

- Starting May 9th I'll be joining the kick-ass IT team at RetailMeNot as an IT Support Engineer. I can't wait to be in a more technical role again! And work downtown with four catered lunches a week, great benefits, awesome people, an amazing space, a brand new JSS instance, and a 95% Mac population. It's like a dream come true.
- I'm a little worried about commuting downtown as I live way out in West Austin, but as long as I can do partial public transpo for the commute I think I'll live.


- Most importantly I've gotten two new tattoos over the past few weeks. Some traditional roses on my left arm and a lion inspired by Katy Smail's zodiac art on my right arm.
- Getting new tattoos has basically been how I de-stressed lately. It totally works; I highly recommend it.

Toys & Collecting:
- Yes! I have been buying new toys and collectibles. If you don't follow me on Instagram that's where I tend to post most of my discoveries. Here's a peek into some of my recent acquisitions:

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

So yeah, lots of goodies! I've gone down the lapel pin rabbit hole too; hopefully, I can do a roundup post sometime soon with some of my favorites!

- I've been working on some arm warmers in various colors but that's about it. Sigh.

- When I'm really stressed I tend to fall into a food slump, but it's definitely worth noting that Ben & Jerry's non-dairy P.B. & Cookies ice cream is pretty much the best. We also hit up a great vegan restaurant in San Antonio a few weeks back called SeΓ±or Veggie that was really great! Pics on Instagram.

- I am currently super obsessed with both Neko Atsume and Miitomo. Oi.

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

A photo posted by dr. k (@smashism) on

What's next?

Hopefully I'll have some more time to work on scripting and fun JSS projects at the new job! I also hope my new commute gives me time to knit and crochet so I can finish up some projects that have been UFOs for far too long. And Fave Friday should be returning soon!

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy your week!

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