Sunday Stuff // IKEA & Funko Pop Shelving

Charlie and I took a trip up to the Round Rock IKEA today to pick up a few things for the house. I fell in love with their new Socker planters the other day so I got a few for our porch. (Pictures once I get some flowers and herbs planted, I promise!)

One of our indoor plants died (kitties, man, they're ruthless) so I got a new cactus baby. I called him Dodrio for what should be obvious reasons.

The main goal of the trip was some shelves for our Funko Pop figures. We don't really have the wall space to put shelves everywhere so we just kind of rotate out the figures periodically. Chances are we'll keep doing that, but I'm pretty sure these are the perfect shelves for Funkos.

This is in the master bathroom (Charlie's bathroom). I tested it out, and it turns out these shelves are the perfect size for Eaglemoss figures. So we may end up going back to get more as soon as I find a good spot to put them up in my office.

Speaking of Funko Pops, I picked up a few more Futurama Pops recently from Austin Books & Comics. They had all of the ones I needed, but I only picked two to save myself some money at the time (how responsible of me!).

I'm finding myself not really interested in getting Leela, but I'm a bit of a completist so I'm sure I will. I can't wait for a second series that includes Zoidberg, Hermes, Zapp, and Morbo (I haven't heard anything about a second series but I find it hard to believe that they won't at least make a Zoidberg).

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