Ideas for displaying Eaglemoss

For those of you that watched my recent vlog from Gallifrey One, you know that I am totally in love with the Doctor Who Eaglemoss line. But now I face an interesting problem; how do I display them in a cool, classy way?

I've been looking for some inspiration online but a lot of the options look messy or too busy. I want something streamlined, contemporary, polished.

I think the clear case thing is the way to go.

I like this, but I think it looks too busy.

I've also seen this:


Which is an awful lot like the spice rack I use in our kitchen at home from the Container Store, which I find amusing.

Out of the things I could find on the Container store website, only these wall shelves really piqued my interest.

I like the idea of the figures looking outlined, framed even, like they're on display. Rather than just sitting on top of something, you know? I want them to look like they're being presented.

Target has some wall shelves that look promising. (Click the picture for links.)

I like these smaller shelves because I feel like I could mix the Eaglemoss with other things, like Doctor Who books or other paraphernalia, to make it look like a real collection. And having them on the wall really presents them well. I don't want the figures to get crowded or lost amongst each other, and I want them to be easily visible.

Ikea has a few promising shelves. (Click the pictures for links.)

It's hard to tell what would work best. And ideally I could find a solution that would work with more than just the Eaglemoss. But just throwing them up on top of something bums me out. I want them to look great; they are too cool to not be displayed well.

What do you think? What's the classiest way to display nerdy stuff?

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