crochet love :: heart motif comparison

A few days ago I wrote about some really cute and simple heart motif patterns I found online. To give you an idea of the differences between them I went ahead and made one of each using the same yarn and hook.

Turns out it's really hard to photograph red. For me, anyway.

They're all relatively heart-shaped. I found Kundhi's to be a bit more round than the other ones. I like my hearts to be a bit more on the oval side. The Karlssons Kludeskab heart I think is the best "bang for your buck"; there's only one round and you use a magic ring to make the inner portion of the heart closed and neat. I whipped out about 12 of them in under an hour. I think it would also be the best one for attaching to gifts for St. V's day. The sarahndipities heart is much larger than the others, and I think would indeed work best for garland or hanging from something.

Have you tried these hearts? What did you think?

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