wrapping your head around the west lynn headwrap

I've noticed on a few project pages on Ravelry that people are finding the West Lynn Headwrap to be too large. I have a huge head, so I have to make things big! If you are concerned about your headwrap turning out too large, here's what you can do:

  • Make a small gauge swatch using dc stitches, large enough that you can get measurements of how many stitches you can fit into in inch with whatever yarn and hook you're using.

  • Figure out how many dc stitches fit into an inch. For me, using a G hook and worsted weight yarn, I usually get 4 dcs in an inch.

  • Measure around your head where you invision wearing the headwrap. I usually wear mine like a headband, which for me is a circumference of 22" (I have a big head!).

  • Multiply your gauge per inch (from #2 above) by how many inches you want in circumference (from #3 above). For me, I ended up with 88 sts.

  • Subtract a handful of stitches for negative ease (so that it'll stay in place). A good starting point is however many stitches you get in an inch (here, 4). I end up with 84 sts.

  • Start your headband with however many stitches you calculated. If you like formulas, here's one: (dc per inch x circumference) - dc per inch = cast-on amount.

Using this method you can make a headwrap for just about any size, including babies and kids! If you're not sure what a typical head circumference is for a child (or average adult, etc.), you can use this guide.

If you have any questions feel free to comment here or message me on Ravelry!


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  1. Thanks for the formula!  I want to adjust this band for my children, so this is very helpful.


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