While making up a new mix for my iPod while I'm on public trans, I rediscovered an old mixcd I got from M-----l. We followed each other on Vox when it still existed. Turns out he has a regular old Wordpress-hosted site now just like I do. I knit him a thing and he sent me a mixcd. I kind of want to do that again....

Hot Dang1. "The Narrator" - Apples in Stereo
2. "Hot Seat Can't Sit Down" - Brainiac
3. "Uncontrollable Urge" - Devo
4. "Song Against Sex" - Neutral Milk Hotel
5. "(I'm A) Don Juan" - Embarrassment
6. "Map Ref 41º North 93º West" - Wire
7. "Totally Wired" - Fall
8. "Love and a Molotov Cocktail" - Flys
9. "Starry Eyes" - Records
10. "Web in Front" - Archers of Loaf
11. "Better Off Dead" - La Peste
12. "Romantic Rights" - Death from Above 1979
13. "Thank Me With Your Hands (MSTRKRFT remix)" - Panthers
14. "Feel Good Hit of the Fall" - !!!

Listened through that badboy a few times today while writing for [mystery project]. So good.

If I can find a way to share it without getting sued by a dying record company I will. For now, we can see if this turntable.fm thing works.