panda dump truck

Happy holidays to those that celebrate, and happy winter solstice to everyone. I'm home in Chicago and it is cooooold here. And snowy. Perfect conditions To wear my panda hat.

This is from that same Short & Sweet Earflap Hat pattern, and is inspired by the designer. I crocheted the ears as follows:
1: ch4
2: turn, skip first ch, 2 sc in each ch to end.
3: ch1, turn, 2 sc in each sc to end.
4: ch1, turn, sc in each sc to end.

I left a tail of about 18" or so and sewed them on. And naturally there is a sc edging around the hat using the black yarn. I also used one strands of the black in the braids.

I'd write more but I'm of to get Thai food! Peace out!



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