Tuesday's 'Early Summer'

Just so you all don't think I only listened to hardcore back in The Day, here is something a bit different. If you're familiar with Alkaline Trio you should definitely know about Tuesday. Dan Andriano formed the band with Matt Stamps (guitar), and Rob Kellenberger (drums/vocals) some time in the mid 90s, '96 I believe. Tuesday is a bit hard to classify, but I'd say they're in that nether region between pop punk and emo. Well, at least what emo used to be, which was not Crap.

Their first record was Early Summer, an EP released on Asian Man Records in 1997.

[caption id="attachment_377" align="aligncenter" width="296" caption="Early Summer - front cover"]Early Summer - front cover[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_376" align="aligncenter" width="296" caption="Early Summer - back cover"]Early Summer - back cover[/caption]

Tuesday is my Essential Summer Band. It's association with the season may be related to the name of this EP, which is something I cannot confirm or deny. But there is just something essentially summery about Tuesday. Especially lazy summer evenings. Sunday car rides. Eating snocones. Going swimming. I can't describe it, but Tuesday is just ... a summer band. As much a summer band as The Casket Lottery is a autumn band. I'll get to them later. Neither of which are technically Dupage bands, or Dupage Hardcore bands. But like I said, I'm sharing this in the interest of variety. And sharing The Awesome with the masses.

Andriano and his lovely lisp would go on to be in The Alkaline Trio with Matt Skiba and a parade of drummers. Kellenberger went on to play in Duvall and Colossal. All great bands.



  1. Hey, I couldn't agree more. I love Tuesday especially in late spring/summer. I think they were more talented than Alkaline Trio. I wish they kept playing, its a shame.



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