If you're a Beatles aficionado like myself then you have definitely checked out Love. It's this crazy CD where various Beatles songs are stripped down, mashed up, and blended together in crazy ways. A lot of the songs are totally trippy if you're familiar with the majority of their catalog, and this one always gets me good when I listen.

Drive My Car The Word What You're Doing

For those following along at home, it starts as "Drive My Car" (Rubber Soul, 1965) then goes to the into the main verse of "What You're Doing" (Beatles For Sale, 1964). And then at the end it's a free-for-all of with those two tracks mixed with the organ riff and chorus tag from "The Word" (Rubber Soul). It just blows my mind. The tempos weren't altered. The pitch wasn't raised or lowered. These three songs just fit together absolutely perfectly. I'm not sure if it's a testament to the amazing song-writing abilities of Lennon/McCartney or aural proof that they had a specific formula for a percentage of their tracks. Either way it's a fun listen.


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