Fave Friday

I'm a day late. We're living in a topsy-turvy world and I've been spending too much time poking at my new Apple Watch. Here are some of my favorite things from this week, a week that's been keeping me up at night and making it hard to breath from the anxiety. As a doctor I feel I must prescribe some fun and cute things to make us all feel just a tiny bit better as the world changes for the worst. On to the cute!

This ultra adorable Bulbasaur planter by 3DprintJess on Etsy

And this super cute 3d-printed Oddish planter, by 3DprintJess on Etsy

Super cute crochet basket pattern by AllAboutAmi on Etsy

This absolutely genius Mac Plus style Apple Watch stand, on Amazon*

These super cute baby balaclavas, by Jenny Nicole on Ravelry

Stay strong, everyone. 💖

* I use affiliates links on this site. If you shop using this link I get a small percentage of the sale from Amazon. This helps me maintain this site. Thank you for your support!


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