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Monday, January 27, 2014

Admittedly, I didn't really know Eaglemoss existed until I started dating Charlie. He has quite a few of the Marvel and DC Eaglemoss figures and they are gorgeous. Highly-detailed, meticulously crafted, and apparently made of lead. So really, they're for putting up on a shelf and admiring, not really touching or playing with.

Finally, something that feels less like a toy and more like a collectable item.

I've picked up two so far:

The Cyber Controller and a Silurian. The idea behind these is that they capture the characters in a signature episode. The Cyber Controller is from "Age of Steel," and the Silurian is from "Cold Blood." 

I saw the Eleventh Doctor version at the store but he just wasn't that cool looking. But damn it all if the Silurian isn't one of the more beautiful Doctor Who collectables I've seen.

I can't wait until they get back to the Classic Era stuff. I so very much want the entire Second Doctor era figures. I hope the release a version of every Cyberman. Do want.


  1. Oh she's beautiful. Did you get them at a comic shop or online?

  2. I got them at two different comic shops in town. If you know of a shop that carries collectable figures they'll most likely either have them or be able to get them. It sounds like ordering online from them direct costs about as much as getting them in store, and they come with magazines with info in them and some other perks too I guess.


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